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Ryan Johnson Clips

First, Ryan Johnson’s IMDB page for your reference. Second, I want to thank a friend who found most of these. Yes, way. I mean, I’m a fan, ’tis true, but nowhere near this obssessive a researcher. Really.

For stills, there’s always Pinterest pages. I will cop to that. You got me.

Since many of these are YouTube links, here’s the public playlist for those links.

Forthcoming stuff not on IMDB

Mr. Mrs. Murder, a forthcoming Australian series, where Ryan’s a guest star. Tweet with pic.

Stuff on IMDB that’s available in some form in the US (in IMDB order)

Fairly Legal, Season 2, where he stars as Ben Grogan in all 13 episodes. Available on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, but not yet available on DVD, Hulu, or Netflix. Hulu does have a nice interview clip, though.

I like the Sneak Peek:

Dance Academy, guest starring as a doctor in two episodes. Available on Netflix and iTunes: Breaking Pointe and Backstab.

One Step Closer to Home, web series. Awkward newlywed moments trying to figure life out.

SLiDE, Ryan appears as the main character’s boss in episode 4. Hot M/M kiss. Available on iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu Plus. The conversations really lead up to the kiss scene, so I’d recommend seeing the whole episode. ’Cause, you know, you could see it in HD with a better frame rate.

Laid, Show premise is that a woman’s exes start dying – in order. Ryan guest stars as the best friend of one of her exes. Though IMDB lists two episodes, episode 6 is really just a group shot as Ryan’s character dies in episode 1. On Hulu Plus. Clip: Clip 2:

Family Values, short film, heavy on Australian slang. On YouTube in its entirety.

Jucy, cute movie about life in Brisbane, has Ryan as one of the stars, though his part isn’t as large as you might think from his third billing. Available on iTunes (rental or purchase) and Netflix.

Sea Patrol, Ryan guest stars in one episode (Rawhide aka Season 4, episode 10) as his ex-girlfriend’s stalker. Available on Hulu Plus.

Nic & Shauna, short film, on YouTube in its entirety.

Satisfaction, a show about a high-class brothel in Australia, features Ryan as a guest star in two episodes (Season 3, episodes 6 “Staples, Guns, and Roses” and 7 “Playthings”) as a part of a foursome that goes wrong for one of the characters. Available on Netflix and Hulu Plus. Ahh, Australian television, how I love where you go places US shows won’t.

Fallers, a short film, on YouTube in its entirety (in two parts):

CSI: New York, guest star in episode “What Schemes May Come.” iTunes. He’s one of the victims, so not much screen time.

Ghost Rider, part as a waiter in a Nic Cage feature film, out on DVD. Also available on Netflix on DVD.

The Secret Life of Us, Ryan apears in ten episodes. Available on Hulu Plus, starting with episode “Gathering of the Tribes.” Anna Torv (of Fringe) is also in at least that episode.

Europe, short film, on Vimeo in its entirety. Funny.

Europe from Louise on Vimeo.

Son of the Mask, feature film available on DVD. I haven’t watched it, so I don’t know how big his role is. Also available on Netflix DVD.

Thunderstruck, one of the five main leads in this road movie about AC/DC. Available on DVD and Netflix DVD. Clip:

Book Em, a short film, on Trailer Addict in its entirety.

The Wannabees, available in the US on DVD as Criminal Ways. Netflix DVD. Also available on Amazon Instant Video for both rent and purchase. Ryan with platinum blond hair in an orange jumpsuit. O-kay then.

City Loop, a feature film with Ryan as the second billed. Available on iTunes (rent or purchase) Also available on DVD.

Other Stuff

Flickerfest Trailer 1, Touring Trailer, and Behind the Scenes.

Flickerfest 2013 presented by Renault - Festival Trailer from Flickerfest on Vimeo.

Flickerfest 2013 presented by Renault - Tour Trailer from Flickerfest on Vimeo.

Soundless clip from Two Flies, an Australian pilot, can be found in Paul Dinnerville’s demo reel starting at 1:16. (I didn’t put this in forthcoming because it wasn’t clear that it ever aired or ever will air.)

This instagram pic from Ellaschmoo of Ryan as – Sven the hairdresser? – is interesting, but I don’t know if it’s attached to something.

Cadbury Ad, quite funny “Thirty litres of jelly.”

Coke Zero Ad, also funny “Why can’t chick flicks give women realistic expectations?” An excellent question.

TimTam ad

Queensland Tourism Ad

Ben Lee, Running with Scissors video. Ryan and his wife (Tamara Asmar) are the couple making out in the club.